Friday, February 24, 2006

mangosteen bud. juasseh, negeri sembilan. my late atuk grew mangosteen trees around the kampung house for his grandchildren.

cape of good hope, south africa. special thanks to adlee for this magnificent shot.

violet lotus. shot at putrajaya, malaysia.

trishaw in penang. parked just outside masjid kapitan keling. i like its red.

another favourite - penang hill train.

clock tower in penang.

pakis. macro shot during early morning. endau-rompin national park visitor center. johor, malaysia.

kiambang. my favourite. shot at uncle bob's house in keramat, kuala lumpur. this piece inspired the rest of my wallpapers.

kelapa gading. 2004. lanjut, pahang, malaysia.

kellie's castle. perak, malaysia.

three-leaf clover


banana leaf